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Knee popping with some pain?

Ok, I started working out 3 wks ago, after 4 years of nothing. I know my strength is nowhere close to where it used tobe, but I'm doing this for the health side/weight gain from this. I'm pushing fairly heavy (for weak lil me) weights on my legs to help increase my quads and calves. Almost 3 weeks ago I was on the leg press pushing 160 (3 sets of 12) when on the last set my knee popped with some very minor pain. I've been very careful to rest my legs after a workout, so I waited 5 days and did my legs again on the 6th day. I lowered the weights to 115lbs and my knee still popped and caused minor pain, this time it made it hard to use for "everday use". Is there a way to work my quads without straining my knee? It's uncomfortable to walk up and down stairs, squat or bend it in any way, it's ONLY my left knee (no previous injury in either leg/knee). Leg extensions were uncomfortable today and they were only at 70lbs. Thanx for any info/advice. 28yr/o female,5'9",108lbs (skinny, I know!)
To start, when you do the leg press, try to find a machine that will allow you to lie as flat as possible. When you place your feet on the platform make sure your knees are in line with your ankles. This will probably need to place your feet pretty high up on the platform. When you push to straighten your knees, try to drive the weight through your heels more than your toes, and don't straighten all the way. Leave a slight bend in your knees at the top, and on the way down again push your weight through your heels. Other exercises you can do are lunges (making sure your knee stays over your ankle), leg curls, inner/outer thigh machine. Basically you want to strengthen all your legs muscles to help support your knees. You should avoid the leg extension as that places a lot of stress on your knees. In the immediate future you should place an ice bag directly on your left knee after working out for 15 mins
I'm not sure of the body mechanics behind it but ...I had the same problem a little while ago and talked to my chiropractor. She told me to take a supplement called sharks cartilage. So far so good!
4 of the bursae of the knee are in front, 4 on side, and 5 are in front. the bursae is small sac full of a fluid that acts as a cushion against damage or trauma. The largest is between the knee cap and the skin. There is a condition called "housemaid's knee" which is caused by inflammation of this large bursa. The knee is relatively unprotected by surrounding muscles and is often injured by blows, sudden stops and turns, especially associated with sports. Ligament tears in the knee joint are extremely common in athletes and provide a variety of signs and symptoms. Swelling with fluid, tenderness, and instability of the knee joint such as you are feeling when walking up or down stairs. Test may show varying degrees of tearing in the ligaments and even a slight displacement. These are not visible with x-rays, you will probably need an MRI. Completely painless, i know, I had so darn many of them. Mild tears do not require any treatment and usually heal with time. Which means, you have to stop your exercise for a while. The best way to know what's going on is to see an orthopedic Dr. who will order these test. meanwhile, rest your knee.
Hi there,
I am an RRT that runs a pulmonary rehab program. I am also a keen exerciser (5'8, 115lbs. - so I know where you are coming from!).
I am just cautioning to be very careful with that kind of weight on the leg press. Be careful to ensure that your feet are at a height where when you press, your knees don't extend past your feet...that is, you shoud be able to see your feet beyond your knees. If you put your feet too low on the leg press, you risk knee damage.
With your size, you are better off using lower weight and more repititions anyway. If the pain persists, you should really see your doctor. You don't want to end up with permanent damage.
Good luck!

Knee Popped out and In?

I was sparring in Brazilian Jiujitsu and my opponent was going for some sort of ankle lock (both of us don't even know what he was attempting.) Somehow this completely painlessly caused my knee to shift out of place. I didn't notice it at all until after I choked him out, made him tap and went to stand. I was unable to extend it more than about 1/3 of the way without a good bit of a pain. I fell into a wall to break my fall, sat for a while hoping it would go away and eventually extended my knee (ow) using my arms. I heard a pop and the pain magically dissapeared and all was well. I haven't gone to sleep yet, but I'm expecting problems tomorrow. Should I be worried about it? There's no pain at all besides some VERY SLIGHT soreness which I notice occasionally. The entire incident wasn't that painful.
I don't know what kind of damage that may have caused if any.I'd love to tell you that if it doesn't hurt then don't treat it, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor and make sure.For the soreness take an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil), but not both. One or the other as they can interfere with one another.

Knee pain?

as i was coming up the steps to my front porch, i felt a sharp pain in my right knee. it. this was about 2 weeks ago. after the initial pain it started hurting later that day upon moving it at all, including standing, walking and even bending or unbending even when in bed. the pain is right under my knee cap, although is isn't a continuos pain, it's a very hurtful pain when my knee is moved.
also, i've been having this pain in the muscle and shoulder of my left arm, but only when i move it, which it radiates to my shoulder joint, could it possibly be bursitus. ican't raise my arm without pain or hold any with much weight or it feels as if it's going to drop. when i have my arm at a relaxed state it's as if i can feel the muscles spasming. any suggestions til i can see my doctor?
Knees are a pain ( I have had both replaced - one twice) After three knee replacement surgeries this is my advice. Do not put off going to see your doctor. If necessary get to an ER. The pain is your body telling you something is wrong. The longer you ignore it the more damage is done internally. Knee injuries which many people have put up with for years only results in an early onset of arthritis.
In many cases it requires treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs or might require your knee to be repaired with a scope which has become a simple procedure which if done early can restore useful function. Putting it off because you can live with the pain is the wrong action to take.
you can take vitamin e for joint pain and also green tea drink it but you buy a capsule or tea bags it really helps i was like yeah right...but i tried it and it worked ..also red grapes are good and the green and red veggies all have vitamins and all that will help joint pain

Knee pain?

hi... i am a young athlete (13) and i play a lot of sports. recently, my knee started hurting. it is not bruised but i feel a dull pain and when i put pressure on it i feel a sharp pain. it is warmer than my other knee and is swollen and hurts to use. does anybody know what it is?
i had the same problem at the same age!! thank god my brother is a doctor lol. you could have strained something or you could have this problem where your knee/leg is having trouble growing and strengthening. you need to go see your family doctor or pediatrican (whichever you go to). they will probably do an x-ray just to make sure that nothing is wrong. they will probably have you move your leg around and look at your knee and stuff.
i had it sprained in one place to i had to keep it wrapped it for about a month but then i had to wear this little brace.. its not even a brace. it goes above the knee cap and it helps ur knee and leg grow correctly and strong. they are like $15 at any pharmacy or sports store. I wear it when I am running or if I wake up and it hurts then i put it on for the day.
I don't know if thats ur problem but... you should go see your doctor. The one thing I am talking about the growing and stuff.. I can't remember what its called... but ur doctor should be able to figure out whats wrong.
you can e-mail me if you want and i will have my brother answer it since he is a doctor.
good luck!
Yes! and my advice is for you to go to the Doctor.
there are numerous reasons, but i agree we are not the ones to ask, your doctor is more qualified.
I had d sme poblem wen i was younger, i wnt 2 d docs n i had sme srt of ting, but all i had 2 do was tke a yr out of sports.. U suld go 2 d docs..
There are a number of things this could be. I would suggest that you see a doctor and have some simple tests ran to see what it is. A doctor will be able to tell you if it is something a simple as a small ligament strain or as serious as a meniscus tear. I would bet that this is something fairly minor and will heal on its own if you take a few weeks off.

Knee pain/aches?

I'm 25, I recently joined a parent cheerleading team and was lifted in a stunt, when I heard my knee pop. This was a week ago. Now my knee is swollen and aching. It aches when it's bent, straight, propped up, and while I'm resting. I'm thinking maybe I dislocated it. Should I go to a doctor, or could I save a co-pay and try a home remedy? Please help.
See the doctor right away...the co-pay is nothing compared to what problems could happen if this is serious.
GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! Knees are not something you want to mess with at your young age. It's likely to be a life long issue if you don't take care of it asap. If you want to continue to be the active mom you seem to be, you should really have someone look at it and make sure they take xrays. I broke a bone in my foot 7 years ago in college, it was only diagnosed as a broken bone after 6 years and all it would have taken is an xray to determine the issue. Now it is unrepairable. I would hate for the same thing to happen to you, especially if you have children.
Trust me knee is nothing you want to be having games with. For now, make an appointment with your doctor and try to stay off that knee. Elevate it at night and ice it for at least 20 mins each day. If the pain gets really bad, take some Advil for the pain. However, get that appointment with your doctor ASAP.You don't want to end up like me with 4 knee surgeries...on the exact same knee!Good luck
Yep, you should see a MD. Preferably an Orthopedic Surgeon unless your insurance requires you to see a primary care physican first.You didn't dislocate your knee. Trust me, once you've seen one you would know. My bet would be a cartilage injury, but you also have to be concerned about a ligament tear.Ice and elevation until you can get seen.
Please Please don't mess with knee pain! You've got to take care of them! I'm only 37 and am at home right now recovering from my second knee surgery. Go see your doctor before it's too late!

Knee pain.?

I was walking and I felt a popping in my knee. I had some pain but could walk on it. The next couple days the pain isn't as bad but it is not getting better. No history of trauma never had any pain or problems with my knees before. I bend my knees a lot at work but there was no warning sign. I wasn't twisting or bending when it happened. Any exercises anyone know that might help? Any idea what it sounds like?
I always answer people' knee questions on here as I just had my 13th surgery so I am a seasoned knee injury veteran. And I will tell you what I tell everyone else. See an orthopedic (bone and joint) doctor. He/she will discuss your symptoms with you and take xrays and an mri scan. The xrays will probably show nothing, but the mri will give you your answers. The knee is a very complicated joint with 4 main ligaments and tons of cartilage including the meniscus. People on will give you their best guess and say "I had the same thing!" but you will never know without getting images of your knee taken. I am very knowledgeable on the subject, but I wouldn't begin to tell you what is going on without looking at images of your knee. So please, see a doctor and get it checked out.the earlier the do not want to be like me and have 13 surgeries and huge me. Good luck to you.
If its tendinitis you should relax on you exercises.Usually that helps a lot 4 pains any where.
It sound like you probly over extended it, sometimes just stretching your leggs in the AM will cause this.I agree you should take it as easy as posibul for a few days. You might even try some advil for the slight pain.That may even help you relax it for a few days. Oh and I almost forgot. those warming patches work so so well.I would just get a cheep pack of them and wear them on and off for a few days.Hope it getts to felling better soon!
if u have swelling u need to see a doctor or warm pak or cool and meds. for the pain and swelling rest and light duties

Knee pain.?

Has anyone ever heard of a Baker's cyst?! My orthopedic surgeon just told me that after looking at my MRI, this is what I have. I plan on calling him to get more information tomorrow but I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences with this?!
Baker's cyst is usually the result of a problem with your knee joint, such as arthritis or a cartilage tear. Both conditions can cause your knee to produce too much fluid, which can lead to a Baker's cyst. Treating the probable underlying problem usually relieves the swelling and discomfort of a Baker's cyst. If the cyst is very large and causes a lot of pain, your doctor may use the following treatments:Physical therapy. Icing, a compression wrap, and crutches may help reduce pain and swelling. Gentle range of motion and strengthening exercises for the muscles around your knee may also help to reduce your symptoms and preserve knee function. Fluid drainage. Your doctor may drain the fluid from the knee joint using a needle. This is called needle aspiration. Medication. Your doctor may inject a corticosteroid medication, such as cortisone, into your knee to reduce the volume of fluid being produced. This may relieve pain, but it doesn't always prevent recurrence of the cyst.
Typically though, doctors treat the underlying cause rather than the Baker's cyst itself.If your doctor determines that a cartilage tear is causing the overproduction of synovial fluid, he or she may recommend surgery to remove or repair the torn cartilage.In some instances, particularly if you have osteoarthritis, the cyst may not go away even after your doctor treats the underlying cause. If the cyst doesn't get better, causes pain and interferes with your ability to bend your knee, or if 鈥?in spite of aspirations 鈥?fluid in the cyst hinders knee function, you may need to be evaluated for surgery to remove the cyst.If your doctor determines that arthritis is causing the cyst, he or she may advise you to take some or all of the following steps to reduce the inflammation and lessen the production of synovial fluid:Follow the P.R.I.C.E. principles. These letters stand for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Protect your leg by using crutches to take the weight off the knee joint and to allow pain-free walking. Rest your leg. Ice the inflamed area. Compress your knee with a wrap. And elevate your leg, especially at night. Try nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or acetaminophen. NSAIDs such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve, others) and similar drugs can help relieve pain, as can acetaminophen (Tylenol, others). Prescription NSAIDs can provide higher dosages and greater potency than over-the-counter NSAIDs.
Scale back your physical activity. Doing so will reduce irritation of your knee joint.
I read a question on YA with a link to it and it sounds like a fluid buildup in the bursa...probably just take a needle and drain the fluid (just guessing)...
A Baker's cyst is formed by extra synovial fluid that surrounds your knee joint in the space behind your knee. The fluid gets trapped and forms a membranous sac. You may feel a slight bulge in what we call the popliteal space. It is the posterior crease just above your calf muscles and below your upper leg. Some Baker's cysts are asymptomatic or don't cause any pain. Some people will have posterior knee pain when straightening the knee (extension). Treatment usually starts conservatively with fluid removal and a cortisone injection. If this does not do the trick then surgical removal can be done, but is not done on a routine basis.

Knee pain within the kneecap?

I'm a high school athlete, and I've noticed that I experience a great deal of pain during and after forwards and backwards lunges and squats. If I don't do them for a few days, the pain goes away, but unfortunately, they're part of practice. The pain is located in the upper knee, and feels as if it's under the kneecap. I've tried icing it without any success, and I think that may be because the pain is actually in the knee itself. It fades after about ten or fifteen minutes or so, but when I sit down or get (any action that requires putting more stress/weight on my knees), the pain is back with a vengeance and lasts for a few days. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms and what that might indicate. Thanks in advance for your help.
Obviously you are straining and re- injuring something and it is telling you that you are asking too much too soon. Squats---deep squats -- are really tough on knees. And they will tell you about it with pain. Without an exam from your orthopedist, no one can really tell what you have done --- anything from a torn ligament, to a torn meniscus. Knees are an architectural nightmare, actually, because they are a hinge joint, rather than a ball and socket. In your place, at your age, I'd back off of the hard squats until you saw an ortho. If you damage the cartilage now, you are looking at replacement joints way sooner than you will want to. When you are in your 20's and no longer doing this sort of stuff, if will go away, for 20 or so years, then come back. So at 50, you will be looking at a knee replacement, and tho it is a successful surgery, it is a nasty one. (Unless some genius comes up with a way to inject a knee with something that allows it to heal itself.. and who knows, it may happen.)In the mean time, get an evaluation from an orthopedist.
That sounds really serious. Go immediately to a sports medicine doctor and find out what it is. Both my wife and I ended up with permanent knee damage that was life altering because we ignored knee pain. Stop what you are doing immediately until you see a doctor!
My friend had identical sympotms and it turns out his kneecap was not properly formed. He has had several operations to scrape the bone behind the cap but is still in pain. Get it checked out by a doc and if the pain continues, insist on an MRI.
i expierence the same thing ithink its cause of the cartiledge in the knee joint is wearing away and bones are grinding and yes in serious i also expierience a cracking sound like knuckles when ever i do a squat type movement
Does it make any noise? I'd better dollars to donuts you have quadriceps tightness and glute dysfunction along with a tight IT Band. Have you ever heard of a foam roller? These things are the poor mans massage tool and everybody who ever uses them sees good things come out of it. Check the link below and buy one of these things. You'll be so stinking happy you did because it is without a doubt the most underrated thing ever. And all your teamates will be jealous. By the way, i'm a CSCS at a Physical Therapy office.Also, most high school athletes are unaware that they are not using their butt muscles when performing squats and lunges. So next time you do them, lift your big toe of the ground and push through your heel. This will cause you to use what we call backside mechanics, being your hamstring and glutes. On the lunge make sure to keep your knee in line with your toe. If your knee dives inward, you got underactive glutes and a quadricep dominant motor pattern. If you have a certified athletic trainer at your school see him/her. They'll be able to tell you whats going on.

Knee pain when jumping...?

hi.. i play basketball everyday
and like 2 weeks ago my knee started hurting.. i cant remember why
but anyway
when i am walking or running... it doesnt hurt at all
but when i jump and land while playing basketball it hurts
Not EXTREME pain, but enough that i cant play good enoughIt hurts where the picture says lateral aspect of knee joint
Only in that spot
why is it hurting? and what can i do to make it stop?
thanks allot
yeah, I would it pretty easy for about a month! I am being serious! I use to be a hard core tennis player, but I had to quit because. when playing tennis I landed a bit to hard and kind of hurt my knee about, but for about 3 weeks it was kinda painful when I would jump and stuff then one day I turned slightly and dislocated my knee sooo bad... because of not letting it rest it was weak and couldn't handle much... I had to wear like one of the leg braces things for a month and half. I t was so swollen and painful for months, and I had to have knee aspirations to remove the fluid on my knee... so, point to the story is if you don't want to end up like me TAKE IT EASY ON your knee!
The best way to make this pain stop is, DON"T JUMP!
quit jumping
maybe let it heal? i dunno. hope you feel better!
i got that type of pain when i ran alot, or more than i was used to. i would say to not play bball for a few days, to let it rest and heal, and then to not play for long periods of time , or at least rest every 30mins or so

Knee pain on both legs when standing up?

I have pain just under knee caps on both legs while standing up from sitting position or if i presset with finger .Once i stand up pain goes away and no problem while walking or running.
I got the pain for 2 mont and last thing i done b4 was skiing and ice skating. Deos any body knows what it can be
my husband has this problem. he played soccer for years. its wear and tear of the knees. you need to stay active but not running. try yoga or pilates to stay in shape!
Maybe you have a mild case of arthritis that's being triggered by leaving your knees in one position for a prolonged period of time. The cold can make arthritis worse at times.

Knee Pain Help?

Hello i am 15 years old about to turn 16 i am 6 foot 1 and i have pain in my left knee it has been occuring for about 2 weeks, i have been playing lots of sports like 2 hours a day of bball and i noticed that my left knee is swollow on the bottom portion can someone tell my why this is happening and oh yeah it hurts when i bend it,
I always answer people' knee questions on here as I just had my 13th surgery so I am a seasoned knee injury veteran. And I will tell you what I tell everyone else. See an orthopedic (bone and joint) doctor. He/she will discuss your symptoms with you and take xrays and an mri scan. The xrays will probably show nothing, but the mri will give you your answers. The knee is a very complicated joint with 4 main ligaments and tons of cartilage including the meniscus. People on will give you their best guess and say "I had the same thing!" but you will never know without getting images of your knee taken. I am very knowledgeable on the subject, but I wouldn't begin to tell you what is going on without looking at images of your knee. I started having knee pain at age 12 and I am 25 now. So please, see a doctor and get it checked out.the earlier the do not want to be like me and have 13 surgeries and huge me. Good luck to you.
You are over using your muscles. That's why you have so much pain and swelling. You need to take a break and not do any sports for a few days. Place Ice packs on the knee for ten minutes several times a day. This is going to help take down the inflammation. You can also buy Advil at your local drug store and take this three times a day to help bring down the inflammation. if this still continues after a few days you need to see your medical doctor. If you have any further questions please let me know,
have a sports medicine doc check it out. don't play around with your pun intended :)

Knee pain but no bruising after dropping onto it; should I continue to exercise?

Jumped down a hatch on my ship, hit my knee on the way through, lower part of knee top of tibia, pain amazing of course. Not much bruising to be seen, worse after I have been sitting for a while, what are your thoughts on whether I should train in martial arts tommorow? Have a grading in June so practise versus rest. T.I.A
You say 'no bruising' and 'not much bruising to be seen', but the damage can be internal (knee components banging into each other, rather than just the outside of your knee banging on the hatch) and difficult to see.The golden rule is always ' Don't push your luck, buddy !'.In this case, it probably means that you should keep the joint moving, but try to put as little pressure on it as possible for about three days. After this, you build up gradually until you are sure that it will take the loads, before getting back into full-speed (acceleration is pressure) and full-impact (deceleration) training. Your training for the grading will not suffer from missing out the power exercises and speed training for a while; you can practice for kata sitting in a wide square stance across an office chair and 'ghosting' the movements. If you have a training buddy who will help, the two of you can both benefit from upper-body-only sparring (both of you sit for this; it's excellent for 'reading', and isn't used often enough because most people feel silly doing it).It is probably wise to be cautious about your return to full training, because even if the injured knee can still take full loads, it will be vulnerable to further injury. Because of the existing damage, a normally harmless knock or twist might put you right out of action.You should also think about using a hinged knee brace to support the joint as you get back up to speed; again, the key is to ignore anybody who thinks you're being wussy about it.
I think it will be better for you to rest for atleast a week or so as you could cause more damage to your knee if your excercise then there will be no grading in June! Go visit your doctors and see what they say
No! You should go to a doctor and get it checked out. If it's worse than it was now it will keep getting worse if it isn't seen to by a doctor especially if you do martial arts
Wait 'till the pain goes before strenuous exercise.
Check it out at the doctors now now now! Happened to a friend of mine, he hit the top part of the tibia (the little bony lump- its called the tubercle) and didn't think much of it. But he'd caused some bleeding behind the knee, which had formed a haematoma which started to ossify (go hard) and he's still having problems 2 years down the line, and probably always will to some degree. If he'd had it checked out right away they may have been able to drain the bleeding somewhat and prevent the problem. As it is, they can't do anything but manage it now - it's not the end of the world, but do get it checked if you're a sportsman, it might cause you problems later if there's something there. Hxx

Knee Pain After Running. please help me.?

OK so i am in track and 14 years old after i ran my run yesterday it hurts sooo bad to walk on my knee also i think i scrued up the back of my ancle! omg please help what shou;d i do?thanks a ton.鈾モ櫏
First, you need to cease doing that kind of impact workout. Be sure and ice your knee for approximately 30 minutes, when you begin feeling pain.I sometimes feel a slight pain when on the treadmill, so I switch to an elyptical for the remainder of the workout, and the pain subsides. When I am done working out, I ice my knee.If this pain continues for more than a week, I believe that you should consult your doctor.

Knee Pain above my knee cap?

I have a really bad pain just above my knee cap n my parents are not takin me to the doctors. Got any home remedies ?
First how did you get this pain? Do you know? Or did it just happen?I suggest if it's that sore to place a cold pack on the sore area. Wrap the pack first and take it off immediantly if it burns.If cold is not working try a hot pack. Take the same precautions.Hot and cold for pain is a personal preference.Strap it or bandage it snuggly, but not too tight, if you want.Rest it.Let time and nature take it's cause.If you did something to hurt it add additional information below your question. and I can help more.If it feels no better in a few days or get's worse get on your parents case and get them to take you to your Doctor.
This might be caused by your foot rolling and putting stress on your knees. You should wear runners that support your feet well, and if the pains really bad use pain killers. Good Luck!
It might be because you are growing alot right now.
If your parents aren't taking you to a doctor, don't you have one at school or at least a nurse?
There is on the market some Ibuprofen gel that you can get at the chemist.
But if I was you I would insist on having a check up.
Good luck with your parents!

Knee Ligament Injury ???

My husband has knee ligament injury. 3wks back dr put POP. Yesterday they have removed it . Can anybody suggest me HOME REMEDY for his knee. He feels pain while folding it .He is doing exer. Can I apply oil / ice / something like that. Pl suggest.
it's hard, but he must keep moving it regularly. and, yes ice it for 20 min. at a time. he can do 'ankle pumps' to help with leg cramps too...just move the ankle up and down, and side to side to keep the muscles moving some. (it helps me). it hurts like CRAZY, but it does get better, so encourage him to keep moving it and ice. also, he should take his pain meds when the pain starts, because if you take while in full out pain, it just takes longer for the meds to really help!take care!

Knee injury...what can I do to make it better?

I was running on the treadmill (like I always do), and about 20 minutes into my run my right knee started hurting all of a sudden and reeaalllly badly! I had to stop my exercizing, it was so painful. I was just running on the treadmill, facing forward and going at a normal pace (5mph), and I hadn't made any sudden movements or anything like that; I don't understand why it happened! It happened yesterday morning, and it still hurts, but mostly only when I walk or sit with my knee bent. I've tried ibuprofen, aleve, icy hot, putting ice packs on it, etc., but it still hurts. I took the day off exercizing today, thinking that it would be better by tomorrow and I could start again, but it still hurts and I know I won't be able to exercize tomorrow. What do you think is wrong with my knee?? What can I do to make it better?? Will it heal on its own or do I have to call my doctor? Please help me!
Sorry for this answer, I know it's too easy and obvious. See an MD, an ortho-knee specialist. You need an exam and likely an MRI. The knee is a very complex machine composed of bone, cartilage, tendons,muscles,ligaments,flui... etc. The Docs do great work with knees these days...don't worry, they will help you.
That sucks, but don't screw around with your knee.If you don't want to stop exercising, is there a pool you an use to do laps. It's great cardio and is OK on your joints. In fact, you may want to consider changing your workout to swimming. Much better for you, especially if you're susceptible to knee injuries.
I would suggest if the ice and nsaids are not working in getting rid of the pain I would suggest going to see your physician. Icy hot while it makes it feel better for the time being isn't really doing anything to make you heal quicker. I would consider resting with ice, compression, and elevation. refer to a physician for an eval if it doesn't get better. Also on a side note.consider not running on a treadmill as it is terrible on your joints. There are new treadmills made for hard running like that but in most cases if you are dead set on using a machine, consider an eliptical or a stairclimber.
Rule of 3: If you get hurt, stop exercising for 3 days. If the pain persists, see a doctor. It's that simple. Your joints are NOT worth screwing around with so you can continue running 12:00 miles. Get it checked by a pro.Good luck, hope you feel better!

Knee injury help?

3 weeks ago I fell on my knee. It swelled up on the outer side to the size of a tennis ball. I put ice on it and kept off of it as much as possible. It is still tender and slightly swollen. When I took my sock off tonight the inside arch of my foot and ankle area is purple and swollen and tender. Is this related to my knee injury? Is it serious? What is going on?
You might wabt to get that checked out. Your muscle nerves may be pinched first of all. That may be the reason for the pain. Also, they changing of color may mean you might not be getting enough blood circulation down there. You really need to go to the hospital.
badly bruised it will heel, keep putting lots of ice on it.
I would have the doctor check that out. Unless you bent your foot as you fell on your knee your foot shouldn't look like that. Better to be safe than sorry.
It could be directly related to the injury!I would receive some medical treatment--your knee may be out of alignment!
I have a knee injury too! Your foot is not related to your knee. Okay I have bruised my foot before. It hurt really bad. Anyway if I were you I would go to the doctor. He will probably tell you to get some rest on your foot and your knee. If the pain keeps on hurting. Get some crutches. Do you work? Do what you have been doing on your knee. ICE ICE ICE! What helps me is every night I ice my knee and it feels better. If it hurts really bad take an ADVIL. But first consult with your doctor. Hey if you can't just call the clinic and tell them your symptoms. Then go from there. And besides it is FREE!! Check out www.webmd.comHope this helps!
the outer knee with the inner foot? no i dont think. but if u didnt have an injury, maybe some bleed stop problems . best answer?

Knee Exercises?

A few weeks ago I dislocated my knee. All I was doing was getting up to get my son. After going to the Dr, he said I needed physical therapy. Well, thats not going to happen because insurance dosen't cover it. I would like to know if anyone has had physical therapy for their knee and what exercises you had to do to strengthen it. Any help would be great!
Ok, knee exercises. Here's one: with your legs outstretched, flex the muscle around your knee cap, tighten, hold, release. Tighten, hold, release. But... that's only part of the problem. The real problem is you're not exercising enough and you need those morning stretches to keep from getting sciatica and compensate for the accumulating weight. Read: Ancient Secret of The Fountain of Youth for some great, simple, yoga exercises and longevity and look for articles on 'hamstring stretching' using Yahoo Search or other search engines and don't let yourself out of bed in the morning before spending a couple of minutes stretching before you start chasing your son around.
Take a few minutes to walk around and give your knee joints and thigh muscles a chance to stretch and warm up.All movements should be done slowly, at a controlled pace. Never rush through these exercises.Use slow, steady movements. No bouncing.Start with a small number of repetitions, increasing the number of reps as you get stronger.
check it out this will help you to improve your knee and then click in other that is gonna help you
i hope you get well

Kink in neck?

This morning i woke up and it hurt everytime I till my head back. anyways to get rid of it or any stretches i can do?
You either strained a muscle before going to bed and you didn't know it or you may have slightly displaced a vertebrae. A sore muscle can be massaged out. You need to see a chiropractor if it is the vertebrae.Either way you need to put cold on it. Put a tea towel over the area and then put a packet of frozen peas or corn on the towel. Do this for 15 minute increments and then rest for 45 before doing it again. This will reduce the inflammation.Do not apply heat.It also doesn't hurt to take a Tylenol or similar
I don't know, but I'm sure you will get all kinds of offers from pervs who want to rub it for you, now.
just rub with alcohol.
You probably just slept crooked on your neck. You can try massaging it a bit by putting your hands around your neck at the shoulders and manipulating your fingers into the muscle or where every it hurts the most. Yes you can turn you head, each way, and pull your chin down, look up, this is just to get things moving again...hopefully it will be gone later on today..If not or if it gets steadily worse, see a professional masseuse
Everyone gets kinks in their necks at some point, take a hot shower and let the water run over your neck, then use a heating pad and maybe take a couple of advil.
Advil Liquid works perfectly for creak in the neck.
since you do to your coach he/she can show how to neck stretches...also how many pillows do you sleep with...if you sleep propped up that will give a kink...sleep with only one or two pillows...

Kidney Stones?

my friend has kidney stones and her side is always in pain. what can she do to help it?
If she wants to pass it, she can drink lots of water to increase the probability of it passing.But.. there is technology that allows them to zap it with sound waves. However, if you are pregnant, this is not an option as it could be harmful to the baby. Tell her to consult her doctor about that procedure because it's alot less painful than passing a kidney stone.
drink plenty of fluids(cranberry juice,water) this may help flush out the stones. if she hasnt passed them in 2-3 days she needs to go to the doctor or emergency room.

Kidney stones?

my friend has kidney stones and her side is always in pain. what can she do to help it?
If she wants to pass it, she can drink lots of water to increase the probability of it passing.But.. there is technology that allows them to zap it with sound waves. However, if you are pregnant, this is not an option as it could be harmful to the baby. Tell her to consult her doctor about that procedure because it's alot less painful than passing a kidney stone.
Drink more water to pass the stone.See a doctor and have a lithotripsy.
take mourfing
I know someone going through this right now and all they could do was go to the doctor and they can give you needles to help the pain. I think it's the only way to really help.
A warm towell placed on the painful spot will help. LOTS and LOTS of water and hopfully the stones will pass out with her urine. good luck!
tannin in tea,combines with calcium in dairy.Alsocertain veges like kale and spinich are no-no's.Stay well hydrated
Kidney stones hurt like a mofo, thats for sure. Keeping your body properly maintained while going through this will help ease the pain and help it pass faster. The link below should answer all of your questions, and ill give a little summary of what you could learn by reading it.You should call a doctor if you have any of the following signs:extreme pain in your back or side that will not go away
blood in your urine
fever and chills
urine that smells bad or looks cloudy
a burning feeling when you urinate
These may be signs of a kidney stone that needs a doctor鈥檚 care.
A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in a kidney out of substances in the urine.Are all kidney stones alike?
No. Doctors have found four major types of kidney stones.What can my doctor do about a problem stone?
If you have a stone that will not pass by itself, your doctor may need to take steps to get rid of it. In the past, the only way to remove a problem stone was through surgery.Now, doctors have new ways to remove problem stones.
How will my doctor find out what kind of stone I have?
The best way for your doctor to find out what kind of stone you have is to test the stone itself. If you know that you are passing a stone, try to catch it in a strainer.
Hope you got it down, ive had friends and family that have gone through this before, not cool.
If its kidney stones its hell, I've had them and it is the worse pain on earth. Doctors even say it is worse than the pain a women has having a child and I believe it.
All the Demerol and Morphine they give me would still not hardly touch the pain. I was sure glad when they did the operation and I was finally out of pain, I will never forget the amount of pain they caused when I was trying to pass them.
I'm a man and it is much worse on a man but I still feel for your girlfriend she must be going through hell. The only thing she can do is go to emerge at the hospital and see a doctor, other than that drink lots of cranberry juice, it helps to pass them. Any over the counter medications will not be strong enough to touch the pain.
Good luck
a lot of water and good excercising. best answer?

Kidney prombles?

hi i been having kidney pain for like 6 months now been going to hospital and doctors and they can not find any thing wrong with me they give me antibitic pills when the pills finish the pain comes back and the buring of the urine what to do i am fedup please help me , thanks
OK - first, you will not experience pain in your kidneys unless you are in the final stages of renal failure which you are not. You are probably experiencing a UTI which if it is not treated can cause kidney problems. You need to see a Urologists to get to the root of the problem. In the mean time avoid fluids which are acidic and drink plenty of water. And do not delay when you need to void as this can add to the problem.
Try Cranactin, a cranberry extract. It will help neutralize the uric acid in you bladder and kidneys.
Take cystone. avervedic medicine. don't worry. take plenty of water and barley water. sit in hot water tub for 15 min. so that your abdomen is in the water. try it good luck.
Try a different doctor, you might have one of those doctors who don't' know what the heck they are doing. Believe me they are out there. He might have given you the wrong medicine or you might have something else going on.
Ask for a second opinion. kidneys are very important, if there is a problem it needs to be fixed soon.
you could have kidney stones but more likley a urine infection.

Kaiser denied my Daughter's Pediatrician's request for a referral to an outside Dr @ Stanford Medical? Help.

My 20 month old daughter may have Rheumatoid Arthritis. We need to go see Kaiser's pediatric rheumatoid specialist. He is located at Kaiser's Oakland facility but is only there 1 day a week. According to my daughters pediatrician we need to get my daughter in for an appt within a week or two since the swelling in her knee is so severe it might cause permanent damage to her leg if left untreated too much longer.Due to the Dr only being in Oakland 1 day a week our appt is not scheduled for a month. If we want an appt sooner Kaiser said we need to travel to Sacramento (where the rheumatoid pediatrician is stationed). Sacramento is 3 hours away! My daughter's pediatrician put in a referral for us to see a Dr at Stanford Medical which is only 45 minutes away and they can see us within the two week timeframe. Problem is Kaiser denied her referral. I am going to appeal it. Please give me some pointers on going about the appeal process and what I should say.
I don't know about you but I'd drive to Sacramento in a heartbeat for my daughter. Don't delay when time is of the essence. I'm also sure that you can ask for your daughter to be examined by a regular Rheumatologist before seeing the pediatric Rheumatologist locally. Kaiser has many Rheumatologists in the bay area. Rheumatologists are arthritis experts and that's what counts. I hope that your daughter responds real well to treatment.
Kaiser can be a pain in the butt!! If they sent you to this pediatrician and he refered you to the Dr. at Stanford, I would first get a copy of that referral, to confront them with at the appeal. also a copy of the ped's reports on the severity of the condition. If that dosen't help prepare to see a attorney to file a law suit against Kaiser. Sorry I could not be of more help ..good luck.

Just wondering if anyone got woken up by a charlie horse last night?

i get what i call leg cramps i believe for me its a shortage of could try VERY... gentle stretching before getting in bed
and make sure your warm enough in bed.
Or perhaps a soak in the bath tub and then straight to bed.If you dont find any relief id see your Dr. he may prescribe something for you. that might help.
i also use heat quiet a bit as i have chronic pain and find that helps me a great deal.
Not last night, but I have before..isn't that the worst!?!?!
not last night but it has almost happened. i feel one coming on and start stretching right away. i've seen my husband shoot straight out of bed with one though.
I get them frequently. I've found that usually dehydration causes them. Taking potassium helps. Vitamin E also helps. Cut back on alcohol consumption. VERY quick fix: mix a tablespoon of baking soda in 4 ounces warm water and drink it. Tastes like crap but it usually works very well.
YES !! Just last night !! OMG ... the pain was horrible, and nothing that I did, did any good. I don't know what I did that may have caused it, but it's still sore this morning.Supposedly plenty of magnesium and calcium will help, so I've had plenty today - and I plan on keeping it up.
I woke in the middle of the night with the wickedest calf cramp I've ever had, not last night sorry, it was the night before.
What radio station is he on?
I had this problem a lot. A banana a day seems to help.
nope. i got woken by a billy goat.
ughh not last night but many nights before.

Just started Topamax for Migraines Monday, & taking at night & it's keeping me awake, so took it this morning-

I just started taking Topamax Monday, which took in the day, which knocked me out, then woke up around 1 a.m. %26 took another to get on the schedule like they say, take one at night the first week, two the second week ect., but, the second night I took it, which was Tues, and then Wed, it's been keeping me up, so I took it this morning, Thursday, and I've been wired all day, do I still take one tonight again, or not, I can't get the hotline on the phone for the medicine or my dr., should I just not take it tonight and call my dr. in the morning or go on and take it tonight? Also, my migraines arn't as bad, but, are still havig which I know it takes around a month to work fully, so I called my dr. the next day and asked for the meds for migraines that work instantly when you get one, %26 the nurse wouldn't even listen to me, %26 told me, that I had to give the medicine time to work and wait it out, made an appointment w/the neurologist, but, it's a mo. off, what do I do? Noone will help me
I am amazed that it keeps you awake. Topamax is often referred to as dopeamax. It puts most people in a fog to a stuper! I had personal experience with it when I used to have seizures, for that purpose it was worthless!
My suggestion is do not listen to any GP or neurologist! Find a neurologist that special izes in this field. If they won't talk to you, find another. Your other choice is check the MAYO Clinic website( and you will be able to find information on migraines as they are leading the nation in studies on this and othe neurological issues such as seizures etc. I know this first hand as I am a patient at MAYO and have been two and a half years seizure free without any meds, since the brain surgery! You have to experience's like no medical place on earth.they actually listen to the patien, and treat the entire person... what a novel concept! Eric. Reached at
I also just started taking it. 100mg. I'm taking at night. I feel like a zombie! Maybe it's not the topamax keeping you up. I don't know. I have a hard time staying awake at night. These side effects are suppose to stay around for 8 weeks.
I would not stop taking them at all. I took this drug 5 years ago, and it's worth taking. It did help the migraines. I only stopped,because I got pregnant.

Just started taking oramorph for severe kidney pain pain?

and i get a really dry mouth. Is there anyone else on this type of medication and do you have this sort of problem. Or can any one come up with a sensible answer to this problem. Not taking the prophine is not an option. Thank you in advance for all your serious answers.
Sucking hard candy helps me. Or chewing gum. My favorite is Luden's Cough drops or Wild Cherry Lifesavers. They also make toothpastes and mouth rinses for diabetics that are specifically for dry-mouth, you might also try that.
A common side effect of morphine sulfate (Oramorph) is dry mouth. I have severe IBS, and am often hospitalized with severe pain. When I'm given morphine, I get a dry mouth. It usually helps me to suck on ice chips or eat a popsicle. I know it's irritating, but it's very common so don't worry about something being wrong. Another of my medications causes dry mouth, and I find it so uncomfortable--if it really starts to bother me I'll drink a big glass of water (or 2, or 3...) or suck on some ice chips and that usually helps. Hope this helps a bit...and good luck!
Try sucking on's a common side effect with morphine. I've been taking it for a long time.

Just Self-Peirced!?

i have just peirced my ear 10 mins ago, 3d one up and i was woundering how to keep it kleen. i have cleened it with salt water and TDC and put some suda cream on it too. it is rele swollen and kills so much. even when i touch it lightly. please help me.
its stinging now as i type %26gt;%26lt;
I used to pierce ears at Claire's and let me tell you, it will sting, that's normal. That being said, you should not have done this yourself. The smart thing to do right now is to take them out. I'm betting you won't though, so here's what you can do next.If your ears get really red, bleed, or puss, take out the earrings. Salt water is not a proper sterilizing liquid, get some peroxide or ear care solution from a store. Did you sterilize the needle before you pierced? If you didn't, your risk of infection is very high and you should immediately remove the earrings and wash with soapy water. Pain relief creams like neosporin might help if you choose to leave them in.Please don't do this again. Your ears are a fairly easy place to pierce, so hopefully you'll be lucky and not suffer any consequences. However, other parts of the body are much more dangerous to pierce at home, so don't venture any further without a professional's help.
wierdo why did u do that. i did it aswwell but i did it properly. the reason why its hurting is probably the way you pierced it.
go to the store and get some bactine as well. don't use any old bottle that's been lying around your house for some unknown quantity of time though because bactine has a shelf life once its opened. after a month or two of being open it starts to grow bacteria which could re-infect you. so pick up a new bottle and write the date you opened it on it so you know not to use it for too long. that along with the salt water should be fine. you have to remember that swelling is the bodies natural reaction to foreign objects in stick in its tissues so give it time...take an NSAID (advil) if you want...NSAIDS bring swelling down. it will go away in a few days -- no worries! :) i do this all the time
Well that was stupid now, wasn't it?
It needs to have a steel earing in it and alchohol to clean leave it alone take asprin/ibprofen every 4 hours. if it is stil swollen, or swollen with puss two days from now,go to the doctor
Use Peroxide on a Q-tip to help keep it cleen. If it continues to sting, you mite be infected.

Just saw 2 ticks on my bed!?

ok here's the thing, vaccum has a prob so i havent vaccumed for a while, but i do clean my room...while studying i saw 2 ticks on my bed! what if there is more?? but more importantly what if they go to my hair or nose or hears!! what to do?? are there any non-prescriptive medecine i can take or anything...i dont know if they are in ym hair, nose or ears you know...oh this is bad!! 911!!
tics attach their bodies onto a human or animal host and prefer hairy areas such as the scalp, behind the ear, in the armpit and groin, and also between fingers and toes
ticks can wander on the body for some two hours before attaching. This is how they become attached to the head contrary to popular belief, they do not fall out of trees. The body should thereafter be searched well for ticks, especially behind the ears and on the back of the head. Children and pets should be examined for ticks after visiting bushland areas. If a tick is detected that is attached, never attempt to place any chemical such as methylated spirits onto the tick, nor should it be touched or disturbed, as the tick will inject saliva into the skin, which could make the situation worse. Rather the tick should be sprayed with an aerosol insect repellent preferably containing pyrethrin or a pyrethroid if a repellent cannot be found which contains a pyrethroid, then Lyclear, a scabies cream containing permethrin will work fine. The combination of hydrocarbons and the pyrethrin acts as a narcotic and a toxicant, and prevents the tick from injecting its saliva. The tick should be sprayed again one minute later or dabbed with the Lyclear and left. After 24 hours it should drop off naturally or be gently removed with fine-tipped forceps. It is normal for a tick bite to remain slightly itchy for several weeks, however if other symptoms develop, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.
It's nothing to stress over, really. Just flick them into a cup of alcohol (like isopropyl alcohol--you probably have some in your medicine cabinet) because that's pretty much the best way of killing them. Your worst worry is Lyme Disease, and that's really not very likely. Just keep cleaning regularly.

Just pinched a nerve or somthing in my back HELP!!?

I was fine this morning till I went to pick up a bag and as soon as I lifted it I felt this extremley sharp pain in the middle of my back. Now I can barley move. I bent over a little a minute ago and I was almost not able to get back up. Biggest problem is I work nights and I'm stuck at work right now b/c this all happened right as I was about to get off. Luckily I work at a hotel and am able to lie down. I have to get home soon though to take my wife to work. What do I do to make it stop? Please help!
I would consult with a licensed doctor of chiropractic so he/she can do a spinal exam and possibly some x-rays to rule out any major conditions.
if it was a nerve a pain killer might help. i am not a doctor, i used to have it all the time before i started weight lifting. u have too weak muscles on your back. if painkiller won't help u will have to call an ambulance. i was taking ibuprofen when i was like u
go consult a doctor to rule out slipped disc.
Excedern has a back and nerve type of pill over the counter...go to your local pharmacy or Walgreens and go and get it. Then tonight sleep on the floor. I know the pain you are describing...don't try and work it out because it nerve not muscle pain. It should subside in about 2 days.
chiropractor is the answer

Just out of scaphoid cast.. is this pain normal?

I broke my scaphoid bone in March and have 5 days ago been let out of my cast after 8 weeks because the bone has 'healed'. The wrist is understandably very stiff - but in addition to this I have an acute sharp pain when moving my hand in the direction of my thumb (if that makes sense..?) or if I try to lift slightly heavy stuff (eg, the cat). It's almost scream out loud painful.The wrist also swelled up and bruised the day after the cast came off, although I think this has pretty much disappeared now.Is this all normal after a break? I've never done anything like this before!
Yes it is normal. 90% of my hand patients continue to have pain even after coming out of a cast. Healing the entire hand is a long process and takes longer than just the bone fracture to heal. You most likely had some ligament damage as well the fracture, whch could be causing the pain. The doctor should have done another x-ray when they took the cast off and would have been able to tell then if there was another fracture there. My advice would be to call the doctor's office and talk to his nurse and just let them know you are still having some pain.Hope this helps!
No it's not normal, but not entirely uncommon. My husband just got a disability discharge from the navy because of this same problem, he could no longer do push ups and the orthopedic surgeon determined it was not repairable. I would go back to the Dr. for more xray's and other tests, they may be able to surgically repair it.

Just miserable!! does any one have any good tips on weight loss?

I am 5'4 and weigh 150 pounds. I have never ever weighed this much, not even when i was pregnant. I want to get down to get down to atleast135 by mid. july My goal is to get down to 115- 120.i would realy need to atleast make 135 by mid july but the closer to my end goal the better. I know that is alot but I feel miserable, and I get easily dicouraged when I don't loss it. I have four kids and am in school now so I have gained since I have been in school. I need to start NOW, I am getting the mom butt and belly, please help!!!!
Exercise! Of course you are probably all ready doing that but it is easy to slip nowadays with so manyconveniences at our fingertips. Following is some info from a site that I have found very helpful for dietary recommendations. "Dietary tips for combating obesity: * Eat more fiber. Fiber gives you a satiated feeling, helping you to curb food cravings. It also keeps your colon healthy, and aids in proper digestion. Research has shown that obesity puts you at higher risk for colorectal cancer, primarily due to a low-fiber, high-calorie, processed food diet. Incorporate ground flax seed in smoothies, soups, and favorite cereals to increase your fiber intake.
* Skip the low-fat food products. Most of the low-fat, processed foods in grocery stores are typically high-carb foods that are loaded with sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic fat substitutes. Many of these ingredients cause weight gain, rather than reduce it. Read more about food ingredients.
* Add virgin coconut oil to your diet. The natural saturated fat in virgin coconut oil can help stabilize blood sugar levels, facilitate proper thyroid function, and aid in weight loss.
* Eat more vegetables and fruits. Not only are they a good source of fiber, but they contain many naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary for maintaining optimal health and weight. Watch out for fruit juices, they often contain added sugars that can increase your calorie intake dramatically. Opt for water, or diluted fruit juice (three quarters water and one quarter juice).
* Don鈥檛 skip breakfast. Fasting activates the starvation response, slowing your metabolism and increasing the chances that excess fat will be stored to fuel your nutrient-depleted body. Studies now show that women who eat cereal for breakfast maintained their weight better than those who skipped breakfast. The plus of whole grain cereal is that it is a low-calorie, fiber-rich food.3 Obese people tend to lack necessary fiber in their diets.
* Eat frequent meals. Eating five to six small meals throughout the day helps to speed up your metabolism. On the other hand, eating large meals only once or twice a day will actually slow down your metabolism."
Cardio!! An intense 5 day a week routine.. not necessarily running just anything to get your heart pumping and you sweating up a storm. Also no fried food. WHAT SO EVER!!
1. NO soda not even diet. water and juice only ;]
2. no meat. meat contains fat.
3. no sugars.
4. excercise.
this was the diet i was put on not long ago.
it sucks like crazy, but works if you stick to it.
you can try slimfast, except it leaves me hungry all the time and I don't really lose weight. But I don't gain weight on it, and that's something. Good Luck!
exercise a lot and drink water
I've been trying a new product called Integritea. So far it seems to be working and i'm not doing a strict diet. You have to get it on the web. I think it is the name You just make the tea and drink it am and pm. Hope this helps.
I really believe that the key to sustainable weight loss is finding a program that fits your body and that you can stick with for a lifetime.I lost 40lbs 4 years ago (am 5'4 and was 175lbs) and have kept most of it off by doing the Atkins Diet. After loosing the initial weight, I went more toward just not having white flour, sugar and potatoes which has worked. I find that if I stay away from sugar, I don't have cravings and if I eat lots of veggies, I am not hungry.
I would have to agree completely with Crystalbear's answers. I was involved in a weight management class and I lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks. I kept a food diary and calculated my calories needed to loose weight and stuck to it. I have completely given up soda and primarily drink water or crystal light (lemonade and fruit punch are the best.) I have increased fruits and veggies and the fruits have helped tremendously with the cravings for sweets. Good luck.
Stop eating carbs-
Don't eat potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, cereal, dairy %26 fruit.
Try that for just 2 days. You'll have to get creative and buy lots of stir fry veggies, egg beaters, vegs- fish %26 chicken.
Your appetite should "die down" and your energy should shoot up.
Prove it to yourself...if you're not starving, you can eat moderately and lose weight.
Good Luck,
PS: Turn on your 1000 watt smile!

Just had bone fused, lower outter ankle ,fell off roof. 200 lb. stage fell on foot.I took off cast ** after 1

2 weeks/(stunk)new 1 tomorro, and new doctor. foot bigger than when. i first hurt it. other foot getting bigger too. i never got physical , either opperation. also oppisite foot/ toes numb! 50 years old roofing 4 at least 37 years. never sick
start looking for a new career
what is your question? rewrite it so we can understand. try using all letters and words.
I'm also having trouble understanding your question.I think if you having any problems associated with post-operative surgery then you need to return to the doctor who performed it or to your regular doctor.Tell them your symptoms and express your concerns. Do not leave there without answers or some information you can use.
ok let me make sure i got this right. you fell off a roof then had something fall on your foot. ok did you get your back looked at when you went to the dr? if your other foot is going numb either you injured that foot to or you injured your back. for that problem i would go get your back looked at. now the other problem, sometimes your foot can swell after surgery espacally if you havent been kepping it above your heart as much as possibale like im sure they told you to do. if your really concerned about it ask the dr that did the surgery or the dr that you are currently seeing. good luck. i hope you get to feeling better.

Just had bone fused, lower outter ankle ,fell off roof. 200 lb. stage fell on foot.I took off cast ** after 1

2 weeks/(stunk)new 1 tomorro, and new doctor. foot bigger than when. i first hurt it. other foot getting bigger too. i never got physical , either opperation. also oppisite foot/ toes numb! 50 years old roofing 4 at least 37 years. never sick
I would definately bring your concerns to your dr's, especially the numbness as maybe there was an injury to that foot that was overlooked. For now, all you can do is keep off of your feet, and elevate them above your heart. This will help to bring the swelling down. You can also use ice for 20 minutes at a time on the swollen foot. Best of luck!
What's the question?

Just got warts froze off at the doctors on my hands.?

my hands are still stinging from being froze in different spots on my hands where the warts are. Is there anything I can do to make it quit stinging. I am only 10 yrs old.
Liquid Nitrogen, was probably used to "freeze" the Warts on your hands. It is very common to have some pain, redness, and blistering after having that done. It usually goes away in a day or two. Tell your Parents about your symptoms. The good thing about freezing Warts is, there usually is no scar left when the Warts are gone.
and you can type after the wart freeze?
Put some garlic on a band-aid and stick it on your hand where the warts are, it doesn't necessarily mean that the pain will go away but thats a good medication for warts.. since you already froze yours its probably good for you to get the pulpyness of the garlic on the band-aid. What else you could do is take some warm water on a Q-tip and press it against the wart. it'll probably sting at first and then it'll feel better. Just keep on dipping the Q-tip in a bowl of warm water %26 press it against your frozed - off warts. (:
hope that helped :)
Sorry I do not know what to do for the painIn the future you might want to use tape to get rid of the wartsCover the wart with Vaseline and than cover it with
a Sm piece of plastic wrap a little bit bigger than the wart and Cover the whole area with a water proof medical tape
leave it covered for three days and repeat until it goes awayWarts need air to live and what the above does is smother themEven after the wart falls off you might want to do it one more time because warts often have smaller warts beside them that you might not be able to seeTake care

Junebug stuck in trachea.. wtf?

Yeah, my big-mouthed b/f was singing on his drive home and a junebug decided to pop in. He busted thru the door w/a container he had been puking in. Couldn't help but laugh.. couldn't help him either.. ; ( I didn't really find anything on the internet; anybody have any VALID* ideas?
* I don't want him to further irritate his esophagus and trachea, he's been coughing like crazy
Thanks! ; D
The bug could have scratched the inside of his esophagus or
injured the epiglottis - or he could have actually inhaled a piece of it . If he is still coughing, take him to the ER. An injury to the windpipe [ trachea ] can be very serious.
YYYYCCCKKKKK!! I just puked after reading this question! I would just drink some, better yet, make that BEER (like a case or two) and wash it down like it was a nice, big Happy Pill.He'll feel much better when he feels the Junebug make its way down the various tubes of the body until it fries itself in his stomach juices.I dont think it'll make it out the backside since it will be disintegrated by his immune system....:)
It is not in his trachea. If it were, he'd be dead already.
its gone down to his stomach now were the acid will destroy it,just drink cold iced drink
He will be fine. It is not in his throat it just tryed to stop from going down and scratched him so it feels like it is. He will be fine. And junebugs are high in protein...I know its still gross

Joint pains?

i been having this real bad pain along my left knee to the thigh, it feels like something is stretched or torn, kind of feels like you got hit in your funny bone except the pain in excrutiating. I woke up one day and had this pain and it got increasingly worse ad the day went on to the point wheree i couldnt sleep, does anyone know what is wrong with my leg? and how i can stop the pain?
Ice your knee and the painful area by rubbing an ice cube against it. Keep the ice cube moving. The area will get very cold and your pain should be reduced (aside from the discomfort of a cold knee). While you're doing this, make an appointment to see a doctor or orthopedist. If you have pain bad enough that it disrupts your sleep, you need professional help.
try some bengay...and ice 20 min, heat 20 and so on...then if it doesn't help in a while call the could be seriosu
go to the DR.
please dnt use any ice or other cold things on yr bone it will become worst n also dnt eat white cabbage eat green vage n dnt eat ice cream n dnt sleep with air cond on u will become worst. u can get batter supplement for yr join pain or bone pain. if u like 2 hv a gd supplement u can email me at i m a wellness couch.
For joint pains, you can try taking Snow Lotus.Snow lotus, rich in alkaloids and flavonoids, is highly anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It reduces inflammation and eases joint and muscular pain. It also strengthens the tendons and bones, improves circulation and accelerates joint repair. As a potent antioxidant, it increases the activity of SOD in the body and helps to protect the joints from deterioration by inhibiting free radical damage. Get QUICK, EFFECTIVE RELIEF with Snow Lotus Plus, a unique combination of 10 natural herbs formulated by Dr Liu Zhe Feng of the prestigious Shaanxi College of Chinese Medicine, China. Snow Lotus Plus combines the synergistic effects of the Snow lotus flower with other time-tested traditional herbs such as Himalayan teasel root, Gentian root, Eucommia bark, Ginseng root, etc for the relief of rheumatism, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A unique, rare and valuable traditional Chinese remedy which helps to expel “cold” and “wind-dampness” from the body and is commonly used to treat rheumatism, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.Read more here:

Joint pain?

i have been having some joint pain in my hands, fingers feet/toes, and my knees pop at times, and my legs get some little musle spasm at times some times the pain is worse does this sound like artrhitis, i am only 22 anyone have this
May possibly be Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which often has an onset in the early 20's. You should see your primary care doctor who may send you off to a Rheumatologist. The have to do a blood test to determine if it is RA. Don't wait on this too long because if it is RA, early treatment is key to prevent your joints from stiffening up. Either way I think you should see a doctor sooner rather than later.
Fairly young for arthritis, although anything is possible, go to your doctor and get checked out.
Ask your family- does your mom or grandma have it? Maybe they know what it is, family is the best to look for health issues. Then after you ask- make an apt with your doc. Get some lab tests done just to make sure you are ok. Have the doc try and figure out what is going on, it may be simple and easy to fix, but if you wait too long it may get worse so just be safe and get checked. In the mean time take Ibuprofen (Advil) to reduce any swelling in your joints, it should help tremendously. Take a low dose- 1 pill every 6 hrs for a few days and you should notice it goes away- BUT that will not cure your problem, only temporary fix- go geta check up and put all worries aside.
maybe your not getting enough oils in your diet like cod liver oil try taking that for a bit and see if it improves
It's possible its arthritis. It can strike at any age. I recommend you take a hot bath every evening with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes. This is going to help with the pain. Also start taking fish oil capsules, two capsules with food three times a day. you should also take digestive enzymes with every meal. Two capsules every time you eat. This combination will start helping you feel better, but it takes about three months. if you absolutely want to know what you have go to a medical doctor and have a complete examination
I am 28 and I've recently started having these symptoms too. I'm wondering about arthritis as well... I think I'm going to see if the doctor can run some kind of blood test to check for that. Maybe you could do. After all, even though we are young, there has to be SOME reason why our joints are hurting.
You might consider taking nutritional supplements.Suggested supplements:Vitamin B complex reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness and helps regulate blood pressure.Reason for taking it:
Health experts estimate that one in five adults have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Keep in mind that even in a healthy person's gastrointestinal tract, there are always other proteins and vitamins competing for absorption alongside vitamin B-12, which is so large and complex that it very often must struggle for entrance into the bloodstream.OPCs are super antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Free radicals have been implicated in a myriad of modern day diseases and conditions, including aging, arthritis, atherosclerosis, ischemia, Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease, AIDS and cancer.Reason for taking it:
Free radical damage and oxidative stress are reality. Everyone is subject to it. This damage doesn't cause noticeable harm at first, yet it adds up over the years. This process is largely responsible for the aging process. If you do not have adequate protection from free radicals, you could appear to age faster and experience health problems you could have avoided.The two most important components when searching for the best nutritional supplements are absorption and potency. So please do extensive research before making your purchase decision.
LISTEN TO ME. Please. I am only adamant about this because I'm 39 years old and have suffered pain for several of my adult life (different from yours, but listen).Do your research on MSM. It's a supplement. The long name is methylsulfonylmethane. I found amazing things about it. I get it at Whole Foods in NJ, but you can find it at any vitamin or health foods store. You can't overdose on it as you literally "pee it out" in 12 hours, it's just a form of sulfur. What I found is that it aids in pain relief immensely, helps patients heal quicker after surgery, and get this - side effects are healthier hair and nails. I got out the hospital March 25th after MAJOR surgery and until this day, I haven't so much as taken a Tylenol for pain. NOTHING. I hadn't even noticed until a few weeks ago (since I was on disability and sitting in front of my pc most of the day) that even my beginning signs of carpal tunnel have completely ceased.I take 3000 mg a day. MSM was used for people with tennis elbow, knee problems, etc. I have found the pain relief phenomenal. Please, do your research and look into it. I don't want to bog you down with links, but check out these to start you off. Good luck, Sweetie!

Joint pain in the knee?

I had fell on my knee a couple of months ago and nothing was wrong at the time.As time has progressed i am having popping and creeking sounds in my knee,and my knee caps is moving around poppin in and out.What kind of injury could this be and what meds should I ask my doctor to perscribe for this?
I always answer people' knee questions on here as I just had my 13th surgery so I am a seasoned knee injury veteran. And I will tell you what I tell everyone else. See an orthopedic (bone and joint) doctor. He/she will discuss your symptoms with you and take xrays and an mri scan. The xrays will probably show nothing, but the mri will give you your answers. The knee is a very complicated joint with 4 main ligaments and tons of cartilage including the meniscus. People on will give you their best guess and say "I had the same thing!" but you will never know without getting images of your knee taken. I am very knowledgeable on the subject, but I wouldn't begin to tell you what is going on without looking at images of your knee. So please, see a doctor and get it checked out.the earlier the do not want to be like me and have 13 surgeries and huge me. Good luck to you.
It sounds like you might have arthritis going on but to find out for sure the dr needs to evaluate to see what they think could be going on.
You need to see an orthopadic doctor soonest. He will give you medication after examination or refer you to a physiotherapist. I don't think you should be taking advice from Tom, Dick %26 Harry on this!
Since you had a fall a couple of months ago, it does not sound like arthritis, it seems that you have hurt your knee, you better go and see a doctor, do not delay or it will get worse.
sounds like some torn ligaments or a torn meniscus the pad inside your knee u need to so doctor and have a mri done and some x rays
Joint pain or stiffness of the joint may be caused by overexertion, arthritis, muscle pain,bursitis and other diseases. Depending on the cause of the joint pain, joints on both sides of the body and small or large joints may be affected. Some types of joint pains can be completely cured but for other types of joint pain (like pain caused by osteoarthritis), treatment will only reduce the pain. More information on joint pain , home remedies and treatment is available at

Joint pain at 16?

I'm 16 and a dancer. I've been dancing for 8 years and want to be a professional. In november of '06,I started noticing that my knees would ache when I bend them. after a show in december, it was so bad that It hurt to walk. I dont want to ignore it anymore, becuz if I do, there goes my career, and it can affect my ability to walk as I get older. I don't want it to get any worse, so what should I do?
I was gonna talk to my doctor, but does anyone know any easier, home remedies I could use or something?
You really should talk with doctor about it. There may be something that they can do to help fix the pain or help slow the progression of the pain. I was able to have surgery on my knee to relieve the pain (although my body reacted so badly to the surgery, that the side effects were probably worse than the relief of knee pain that I got). I'm 14 and have arthritis and other joint problems so it's not super unusual to see joint pain at a young age; I'm a figure skater which has been hard on my joints which dancing could do too.
Definitely speak with your doctor about this, this is far too much pain to ignore . until you see your doctor take hot bathes using 2c. of Epsom salts, this will relax the muscles and help with the pain. Also take an anti inflammatory medication such as Advil, three times daily. Best wishes
for peace of mind, go see an orthopedist first. He'd be in the best position to inform you
you may just need to make your legs stronger

Joint Pain + Depression?

I have a connective tissue disorder (Classical Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) which has made my knees hurt for years, but it's been getting worse lately. What happens is that it starts out as a sharp pain, but turns dull very quickly and then goes away for anywhere from a mnute to almost 24 hours.Would depression be very likely to cause a sensation like that? I usually think of 'depression' pain as being either a dull ache or very sharp, not a rapid combination..
Yes, it's possible that the depression could be causing some of the sensation you are noticing. They are just now starting to understand the physical impact that depression can have. But sometimes illnesses like Ehler's Danlos Syndrome can change over time the longer one has the illness.I would definitely get in touch with your physician to let them know about what is going on to see what they think about this connection or possibly something else going on at the same time.
go and consult a general physician
don't worry just keep on doing excersices and learn some yogas it will compleatly stop your joint pains and also your mucsles will get very good shape good luck
Ask your doctor about the drug Lyrica... or Cymbalta. Both of them are good drugs to take that will help with both the depression AND the pain!! They can be "wonderdrugs!" I hope that you are in less pain soon!!

Joint effusion in elbow... will it heal on its own?

I fell off my bicycle and hurt my arm really badly. The x-ray showed no fractutre but my elbow was in bad shape. My doctor said it was post-traumatic joint effusion with displaced fat pad and ordered an MRI. I'm taking the MRI 5 days from the crash. It's been two days since, but the swelling has decreased and its less painful. Does this mean it will heal on its own, or will the damage remain until treatment?
If you can completely bend and straighten the elbow just like the non-injured side then chances are that it should heal on its own. You should continue to place ice on the elbow to help with the swelling. The MRI with determine if there is any damage to the ligaments of if there is any loose body in the elbow so its a good idea to have it done. You may need physical therapy if there is a problem with the motion even if there is no damage to the ligaments.
and an effusion is just fluid, it's not something real serious, usually just takes time to heal.

Jerkiness of muscles during sleep?

I'm 16 years old and often when I'm sleeping either my whole body or just something specific like my arm or leg while jerk, waking me up. It mostly happens when I'm taking a nap (during school) the whole classroom will be quiet and I will be dead asleep and then, in one instance, my arm jerked making it fly in the air and it woke me up immediatley. Does anybody know what's causing this and what can be done to help me?
You don't have restless leg syndrome - That is a fake disease. They are right that it is related to stress though. I get that way every once and a while. I get rid of it by working out a lot harder than I normally do for a few days which gets rid of the stress and tires my muscles out. If you don't work out, try getting some exercise - I guarantee it will help you. Also - Don't sleep during school. Make sure you get a good nights sleep.
Look into Restless Leg Syndrome. --Ok, in addition, RLS isn't a fake condition. I have it, and am treated for it. I get a lot of aches in my legs when I am at rest. I also get numbness in my arms and legs randomly. It happens most often when I sleep. Before treatment, I would jerk, somewhat violently, throughout the night. It would wake me and I would have numbness so bad I couldn't move. So, it effected my sleep, and also work. my legs or arms would go numb at work, which was very hazardous when standing on a ladder to do my job.
Its called fasciculations and caused by stress, worry, emotions and many other reasons, common to growing up. All you need is plenty of rest, especially good long sleep every night. Speak to your parents who can take you to a GP for sleep test, if needed.
I had this problem as well. I still have it once in a while and was told that it often comes from a dream that we do not remember. Sometimes we have what's known as 'restless leg syndrome.' Check with the doctor for some professional advice. Good Luck! - for a physical exam.,
I can definately relate! Happens if I am napping or sleeping at night and happens with my limbs and weirdest of all is it will happen with my stomach and just double me over. It doesn't hurt but it does disrupt my sleep. I am 45 and have been having this problem for over a year. My doctor, a neurologist, has put me on a mild seizure medication and requip. They have "toned down" the jerking but it hasn't gone away. Have your parents take you to the doctor, your GP may be able to help, but I would suggest a neuro. Good luck and hope this helps. Sheeba

Jellyfish sting?

my friend was stung by a jelly fish while in Antigua last week and the very next day, she awoke with swollen, itchy eyes and swellness around her eyes like bags. She continues to have these symptoms. Have any of you heard of a reaction like this before? Thanks.
Sounds like a very severe allergic reaction to the sting, or rather the poison in the sting. She might want to try some Benedryl, oral or get to the doctor for a prescription to reduce the swelling. Also might want to get check for severe allergies. Could be deadly next time. Good health.
She is having an allergic reaction. What she should have done right away was use white vinegar as a rinse. I got stung by a jellyfish when I was little and that is what they did for me. Also, have her take something like Benadryl or some antihistimine.

Jelly Fish Sting??

Hey everyone. So i was on Miami Beach with my 3 years old and all of a sudden she starts screeming. She points to what she said bit her and it was a jelly fish. So i go to the life guard and they put vinegar on it. He said she will be fine and that its no big deal. She did stop crying but when i went to take her a bath she started crying again and saying that it hurts. Is there anything that i can buy to take the pain away? Should i bring her to the hospital? Also when a Jelly fish stings u does it spred? Cause i didnt go near it and i have a few spots on me that feel like a burning feeling on my neck and hand? Please help....
if you touched your child where the sting was, you may have picked up some of the stinging cells from her, ice packs will likely be most effective for comfort, and benadryl will reduce the inflammation. As long as she is not having difficulty breathing, taking her to the hospital will result in them doing just what I have told you to do, ice and benadryl.
Time for the golden shower. You got to piss on it.
go to the hospital, it could be an allergic reaction to it. the vinegar should have helped it and it definately shouldn't have spread to you
The peeing thing is a MYTH--it will actually make it worse. Never do that to someone who has been stung by a jellyfish!You should both go to the doctor.
I live in the Fl Keys, my daughter has same thing here, the lifeguard told her to pee on the tendrils stuck in her legs. VERY odd, but I have since learned that it is the alkali or something that neutralise's the toxin. However, that was immediately when she was pulled out of the water. As some time has passed and it still hurts, take her to the doc, you may get a anti histamine.
I was stung as a kid when I stepped on one at the beach; my leg swelled almost up to my knee. The reaction was pretty immediate. It was not a normal reaction, I don't remember the explaination or treatment because I was so young... but clearly it's not always just a simple first aid issue. Try to find something like pain relief cortizone cream and see if that relieves her until you can take her to a doctor, avoid the ER if you can but as a last resort it might be necessary. You can't have her suffering.
Continue placing a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar on the bite twice or more each day. .
I've also heard that your supposed to wee on someone if stung by a jellyfish but would definately go to hospital too.
Either put more vinegar on it or use Adolph's Meat Tenderizer (don't ask why, it just works. Something about enzymes, I think). The next time you bathe her use Dial soap (same thing--don't know why, it just works).
Jellyfish stings can DEFINITELY spread--even to you. There are microscropic barbs in the jelly that will latch on to anything they touch.Hope you both feel better.
You got part of the stinging fluid on you. The vinegar has been used for years. Now don't get grossed out--the other alternative is human urine. Yes someone goes directly on sting not from a bottle that you carry around it must be fresh.
Was it a light purple colored jelly? That was a man o war and it's probably going to be o.k. but you might want to have it checked out because some people are alergic to the acid they leave on the skin! The life guard did right with the vinegar!If it was one of the larger white jellies, It can be serious.And you need to have it looked at.!
hi. continue to put vinegar on the sting. when you gave her a bath, it washed off the vinegar. you are most likely getting a rash because you got some of the venom on you when you gave her a bath. walmart also sells jelly fish sting wipes that will stop the stinging immediately.
Noooooo! Do not pee on it! That is an old wives tale. It won't hurt, but it won't help either. See this link...

Jaw problems...?

I can't seem to open my mouth wide enough to eat anything( like it's stuck) and my jaw hurts like hell, ...what should I do?
This is probably TMJ and the muscles are so tense that's why you can't open your mouth very wide. You need to see a dentist who specializes in this problem. What you can do for now is apply a heating pad to the jaw joints on both sides of your head for twenty minutes. Then apply ice as follows: Place clean tap water into a foam cup and place in your freezer until it is completely frozen. Peel back a small amount of the top of the cup and massage this onto area of pain using constant circular motion. DO NOT hold the ice in one area for more than 3 minutes since this may cause frostbite. Cold therapy should be stopped once the skin feels numb.this will help loosen the muscles and stop some of the pain. Also take Advil tablets Three times daily.
TMJ or Lockjaw maybe - you really should get to the doctor or ER right a way in case it gets worse.

Jaw problems...?

I can't seem to open my mouth wide enough to eat anything( like it's stuck) and my jaw hurts like hell, ...what should I do?
You could have a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. I have it. I have a very good dentist who made me a night guard (like a retainer) that has helped quite a bit. It's flaring up right now and it DOES hurt like hell, especially around my ear.Warning: Not all dentists are created equal, and some night guards will help you immediately but destroy your joint in 10 years. Be very very careful if you decide to go that route.Suggestions:
Good posture, esp. at the computer.
Try to relax your jaw.
Don't chew gum (as if you would want to).
Use relaxation techniques to de-stress yourself.
Painkillers.There is a lot of information on the internet.Good luck.
I suffer from the same problem [my jaw pops when it gets to a certain point of "openness" lol that sounds funny].
Anyway when i went to my doctor and asked him about it he told me that there probably isnt a whole lot that can be done but he did refer me to an E,N%26T [Ears, Nose, and Throat] specialist. So you may want to try there.
Long story short. There is a muscle inside your mouth near your jaw.. Apply pressure there until the pain is relieved.
TMJ or Lock jaw, I would go to the doctor or ER

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jaw dislocation, serious?

half a month ago i dislocated my jaw somehow and from that day if i yawned too wide it would go out of place and my mouth would get stuck open and i had to put it back, then when i ate my jaw would also get out of place, it stopped for a week or so but two days ago it started hurting and now it even hurts to close my mouth! i dont know if its serious or not my friends said it will go away, will it? or should i see a doctor urgently.
yeah you need to see a doctor. the muscles around your jaw are weak for some reason and you need to find out why.
I had the same problem, it is called TMJ. I suggest you go to the doctor and see can they help.
I would recommend seeing a doctor, just in case. I have this problem too. You may have a form of TMJ, which can be genetic or acquired from an injury, like you said you had. I recieved an injury too, and like you, mine has never been the same. Unless it requires surgery, there are some steps to prevent the pain. My dentist recommended a bite plate at night so you don't grind your teeth or clench your muscles during sleep. You can have one made, or go to a sports shop and buy a mouth gard- get the kind that you boil in water, then mold to the shape of your teeth. Don't chew gum if you can avoid it, and gently massage your jaw to avoid cramping. Hope that helps, I know the pain!

Jammed finger?

while playing basketball, the ball hit me really hard, and i mean REALLY HARD, by a NCAA basketball coach. it didnt swell up but it hurts on the second line from the top. i already put ice on it. is it jammed/dislocated or did i just hurt it. i dont want to go to the doctor, because i already annoyed him enough.
so can you bend the finger joint? If it did not swell it may not be broken. How long ago? Use a finger splint to immobilize the finger and see how it looks tomorrow. If it turns blue and swells you need to bother the doctor. If not and you can move the finger joint without pain then you could be okay.
Its more than likely be jammed. just keep icing it and try not to move it as much.
Put ice on it for 15 min, then take it off till your finger's temperature returns to normal. Do the same for about 1-2 hours if you can.

Jammed finger?

yep it hurts, Grab the ice!
Hurts like hell
Pull it back out, and then tape it to another finger for stability
Ice it, take ibuprofen(advil, Motrin, etc)
OUCH how can you type?
That is more of a statment . . but ice it three times a day and minimize use of it . . . feel better soon!
still hurts- icy hot (put it on later)
Actually yes... thanks for asking. I was playing friz-bee with my dog and he mistook my finger for his frizbee. And thank you for asking.
hopefully not in someone's *ssh*le!! That would be way too much.....I would rather end up with no finger at all or die before anyone rapes me with it!!
Ok You should like put some ice on it and well try to bend you r finger that is jammed in about an hour?
Put some peanut butter on it. need more info
If it turns purple bluish then go to the doctor!
great name for a band
Nah, cracked ankle but the boot comes off in 2 more weeks. Nice of you to ask.
Ice for ten minutes, try to move it, don't let it stiffen, ice again for ten minutes, try to move it and so on on. Eventually tape it to the finger next to it with padding in between. Do not let it stiffen, no matter how painful. Keep up with the ice and movement until back to normal. Ouch.
get a friend to snatch it out for you or do it yerself
pull it out, tape it to the finger next to it, and grab the peas (I always use frozen peas compared to ice because ice doesn't really form, frozen peas will stay when you lay them on something, especially as small as your finger). But remember: RICE
(remember that everytime you get hurt). just lay off the footballl and basketball for a while. let it heal a bit...feel better!
pull it back out, tape it or tie it to another finger, ice, doctor, xray! miracle you can type!
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